Langrisser Battle game – with 10 main Classes with restraint effect


Langrisser game can be categories as the battles and fighting game which has also made a better place among the players of the world who like to play battles series and use many different warriors to win over the enemies. The game has comeup with the effect which is known as Restraint effect as well as Langrisser Hack for the player to enhance the level of entertainment and enjoyment altogether.

Rules for the battles

Langrisser game is a classic strategies RPG game with turn-based role playing game that simply means both sides take turn to attack and move in units around the map. For novice player, demo mode is the best one to get expertise in the game. Not this only but the game has fixed maximum range of movements which decides the attack range.

Heroes of the game

There are essential best heroes of the game with unique and different talent and strengths. These heroes prove their worth when battling with other named as Elwin, Lana, Bernhardt, Altemuller, and Cherie to name a few.

Classic level of more than 300

Player of the game must travel through the time to recreate battles from generations of five Langrisser battle game. There are more than 300 classic scenarios for the player to challenge and enjoy the golden age of the game.

Score by the composer of the game is original

The battle game composer Noriyuki Iwadare also make a comeback and gives the player original score for every move and hit in the game.

New challenges and guided battles of the game

Player can join the team of the players around the world and work together to occupy enemies of the game and strongholds. Player can prove his might in EL Sallia and with Langrisser Hack can earn rewards.