Top 2 modes of Marvel Strike Force Game


Marvel Strike Force is a single user game as well as the game can also be played by multiplayer. Some major modes of the game are raids, Arena, Alliance War, Challenges and Blitz. Each of the above modes had their own specific currency which can be spent on the character items or shards or to get some other useful items. This is the method to obtain infinite currency for your game.

     Get all your currencies

The other best method to obtain currency is that as one can easily purchase from the in-app purchases. Still, find any difficulty, you can use Marvel Strike Force Hack for free, as this help to achieve a lot of currency which is required for your game. All the above modes are played by controlling the computer AI, but the Arena and the Alliance war battles are controlled by the player created team.

     Complete your challenges

Arena- in the Arena mode, the battling is done against the other player that is created by squads where each player gets 5 battles. Ranking of the player is based on the daily competition and in this way the winning player get their requisite rewards.

Raid – in the mode, it is the sequence of the map in which normally 24 people work together for completing all the required nodes.

To obtain the resources, the player must complete all the challenges in the given time. In a week basically, you get the challenge after three days. The player had to complete that challenge within these three days otherwise time limit exceeds. If a player plays with full focus, then the player can complete the task three times in a single day. The thing is that you should remain quite focus on your goal. To complete the challenge, you need specific traits for each tier. In this way, if you play according to rules and information, then you are no more away from your goal.