Top 4 tips and tricks to play in Homescapes

Top 4 tips and tricks to play in Homescapes

Many people are active on the Homescapes game, and it is perfect for lite enjoyment. It is free for everyone, and if you are looking for such game, then you can also take it by android store. The game is all about casual play and in which you renovate home by completing some puzzles. Each user is radical for winning but it is not one day task, and for that, we have to spend much time on the game. Different approaches are handy ways for grabbing high rewards. The Homescapes Cheats is also a great way of collecting enough amount of currency. The storyline is not much big, and most of the players are well skilled in it.

Basic rules and functions are required for playing well, and you will learn it by finishing more and more matches. Here we give perfect tips and tricks for levelling up in the game.

Advantageous matching

The player has to make his position by matching levels. The game gives a perfect match, and for that, we should wait for some time. Active in each match and know the value of everything. A perfect match gives you many free tools for making the home.

Perfect use of boosters

Boosters are playing a good role in some deadlock conditions, and such are making your gameplay fast. There are various boosters, and the players also can create it. The players have to wisely use such things because they are not free every time.

Social by Facebook

In level 36 you can join the team, and for that, the players can take some help from a social website like Facebook. By it, the users will get around 1000 coins, and you can use it for many purposes. Expand your gameplay by adding a team.

Add currency

We can add currency by completing different levels and challenging tasks. The currency is making the game more interesting, and a high amount of currency is always in demand. Many players are looking for some smart ways like Homescapes Cheats for obtaining currency and such are effective for it.